How to Change Collect Settings

App settings in Collect allow you to customize the use of the app on your own device. To access the settings, tap on the User icon in the top-left corner of the app.

By default, all of the settings are turned off.

Photo Resolution: The Photo Resolution setting allows you to choose the quality for your submitted photos. Higher resolutions will result in larger file sizes.

Upload forms over Wifi: If toggled ON, Collect will only submit forms when a Wifi connection is available. If toggled off, you can use cellular data to submit form entries.

Background form uploads: If toggled ON, Collect will try to sync cached form submissions automatically whenever it finds a connection. Collect will periodically scan for a connection to use for these uploads.

Center on me: If toggled ON, your location will always be centered on the map (using your device's GPS). This is very useful if you are moving rapidly (i.e. in an aircraft or a vehicle) or simply wish to monitor your location on the map without panning. "Center on me" works in online and offline environments.

Dark mode: Allows you to switch between dark and light mode while using the app.

Stay awake: If toggled ON, Collect will override your device's display settings and will keep your device from going to sleep so long as Collect is open. If you force close Collect, your device will return to your original display settings.

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