How to Create a Task in Works

Tasks can be created and managed in both the Lightship Control Center and the Lightship Works mobile app. For general task functionality, check out our overview: Overview: Lightship Tasks

Creating a task in the Lightship Works app (mobile):

1. Login to the Lightship Works app.

2. Select a project from the project list. This is the project that the task(s) will be added to.

3. Tap the "Tasks" tab. This will show you a list of all the tasks already associated with this project.

4. Tap the "+" symbol in the bottom right corner of the app.Screenshot_5.jpg

5. Fill in the task information and tap "CREATE".

*Note: You can make a task public/private by toggling the 'eyeball' icon in the top right corner. Private tasks will be hidden from general view and will only be visible to the creator, the assignee, and any teams/followers associated with the task.

The guide for creating a task in the Lightship Control Center can be found here.


That's it! Your task has now been created and added to the project.

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