How to Add Descriptors to a Task in Works

Communicate valuable information to your staff by attaching "descriptors" to your tasks. In the Lightship Works app, examples of descriptors include photos, file attachments, forms, checklist items, locations, and dates.

As an example, let's say we are an officer on an industrial site. In this example, we want to attach a photo to a task to show the maintenance crew where to locate a faulty piece of equipment.

1. Login to the Lightship Works app.

2. Select your project from the list. In this example, my project is "Hot Work - A300004 - Building B".


3. Tap the "Tasks" tab and find your task. In this example, my task is named "60 min. Check".

4. Select the task and tap into the "Details" tab.


5. Tap on the "Descriptors" button in the bottom right corner of the app. Projects_Green_Button.PNG

6. Select your descriptor type from the options listed. In this example, we would choose "Photo".


 7. You will be prompted to enter the Section Title that will appear above your descriptor. When adding future descriptors, you can select existing Section Titles to add to in this step.

That's it! You've added a descriptor to your task, and as a result your staff is better prepared to complete the work.


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